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Is Russ Parr doing damage control

Staff Writer

2011-10-07 .

Russ Parr is one of America's historical syndicated radio personality currently. Parr through out his career has shown the ability to expand beyond his current opportunity. For example, he has been a comic, music artist, radio host and most recently movie director and producer .

With all this success, Parr has been over shadowed by a past situation with a cost host. In a recent washington city paper news article, Olivia Fox made reference to her past work experience with Parr.

Foxx went into some detail as to why she departed or was fired from the Russ Parr Morning show. source

The article allegedly implied that Parr's and Fox's employer treated Fox unfairly when it came to pay compensation. This article to some still put Parr in a bad light when it came to women and women being treated fairly on the job.

Recently , Parr did an interview at All Hip Hop dot com. Parr went into detail about his past career and his time up to now. Parr also points out how he has helped people in the past that worked with him.

Parr stated:

I’m really proud that I have been able to be a trendsetter. There is a double standard in our business, putting women in the focal point. I have been blessed to be able to give several individuals positions that they rarely would have been hired. Almost everybody that I’ve ever worked with on my show started off as one of my interns. I made it a point to share the knowledge that I had with people and teach them what I knew. If you work hard, you deserve an opportunity to get a shot at being on the radio. If I need a different voice or whatever, I’ll put you on. That has always been my thing. I’ve often had people tell me: “You’ll just put anybody on. That’s unprofessional.” But that’s how a lot of people became big stars. Somebody gave them a shot. And I’m very secure with my ability to be able to share my knowledge and to just pass on or give somebody part of your punch line. I don’t need that. I don’t have an ego like that. And that’s my big thing for me, is I think ego just kills so many careers, and that’s something that I refuse to allow to make decisions for me.



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