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Was Monica Lewinsky a Mossad agent or Mega?

Staff Writer

2009-03-26 .

Everyone remembers Monica Lewinsky and President William Clinton little phone sex and alleged daily tune up blow job. What you may not know is Lewinsky may have been a top agent.

If you don't know, the Mossad is Israel's intelligence agency or at least one of them. The Mossad is effective because of the Jewish support and, the Jewish people that are recruited and trained. You must keep in mind the recruits don't have to be born in Israel to be recruited. The role a recruit may play in the intelligence task force may vary.

There is a buzz going around that during the Clinton administration a high level person was a moe to the Mossad with a code name of Mega. Allegedly, this was found out through a wire tape to one the foreign embassy in this country but, this foreign embassy was taping Lewinsky phone too and , this how the entire secret daily blow job got out.

Once the Mossad obtain this information, they next wanted to use it. If you think about it, they did. How dose a person in Lewinski's shoes still come out on top of a sex case? If we back up, alot of women would have looked at Lewinski as hoe. Yet, Lewinski still got book deals, tv appearances and press to make her look like the victim instead of a good ole fashion take a knee female that cheating love to death. One theory is that Lewinsky or the person who was the go between for Lewinsky set this up. Please remember the Jewish community has great influence in all major distributions of media into your brain and , it has been documented that the Mossad have agents in those outlets.


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